Peeps Bunny Racers

  • 1 Twinkie
  • 1 chocolate or yogurt covered pretzel
  • 1 Peep Bunny
  • 2 mini Oreo Cookies
  • Icing
Who says you can't play with your food? Go have some fun and make these super cute Peeps Bunny Racers! Sure they don't move on their own, but man are they adorable and easy to make!
  1. To assemble: cut out the middle of the Twinkie. Place the pretzel-like steering wheel and set the Peep behind it. Pull apart the Oreos, trying to keep cream on both sides. Place on the sides of the Twinkie like wheels. Use icing to create racing stripes and draw a number on the front and back of the Twinkie.
  2. Continue following the above instructions until you've made as many racers as you want.
  3. Serve, enjoy, and don't forget to have a race!